Facing Here Now

Knott Ave./San Pablo Ave.  El Cerrito, CA

In the San Francisco Bay Area, City of El Cerrito invited me as one of the three artists for their Utility Box Public Art Pilot Program, a beautification initiative designed to add to the vibralogoncy of the San Pablo Avenue corridor.

We are all connected. Youngsters  looking up, eager to reach the stars.  As we grow up, our goals  may change but still inspire.  We are all community.

Life is a lesson, you learn it when going through. The diverse group in this mural portraits younger generations looking up to a promising but challenging future, while older ones are looking toward their past actions and memories. Using connected dots and lines, it references the connection we all have in our community, wanting to be emotionally embraced, feeling heard, mentally understood and supported by another human being.

The purpose of this mural is to deepen the moment we are living, inspire change, build trust. “What do you want your life to be about?”