Cerain, Jaiden & Natalee

Glenoaks Blvd / Andover St. Burbank, CA
November, 2021

I was invited to propose a design for the families of the victims of illegal street racing. This memorial has the intention to bring awareness to the accident but also a peaceful moment of meditation.

A cloudy and soft scene representing the sunset in the life of Cerain, Jaiden and Natalee, portraying a monochromatic image of them (because they are missing). Each portrait has a motif to identify their motivation: music, healing, faith.
The doves flying in the distant as a sign of peace and hope. Each side has a word to bring consciousness. On the back, three hearts linked as a sign of unity and their friendship.

Painting this project was very important and meaningful. I was able to understand that many neighbors and city residents are concerned and upset about long history of illegal street racing and I agree because innocent, brilliant, young lives were lost for no reason, making me ponder the value of respect for each other.